Synergistic Alignment of Tantra, Yoga & Ayurveda

For Dedicated Practitioners of Self Responsibility

Specializing in the unveiling of our un-adulterated nature—perfected & corroborated by hundreds of recognized masters over thousands of years—are three primary sciences of self-realization: Tantra, Yoga & Ayurveda.

Emerging out of the natural synergy of these mighty systems is an organic methodology for liberating & nurturing our multidimensional form, the human-divine.

Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda, in their Tantric context, enable conscious communion with Primordial Nature (the creative principle) in her myriad forms. Correspondingly, Tantra is the experiential route into the less-travelled heights and fertile depths of human possibility. The tantric yogi—through the process of reintegration—becomes a living instrument of invocation, a full-bodied expression of Nature's vulnerability, might and grace.

Reintegration is possible upon the grounds of the creative matrix that underly all aspects of being, the universal energy Adi Shakti. It is here in our own bodies that the very elemental forces that have long held our slumbering summum bonum in suspension may be harnessed to liberate the energies of evolutionary potential.

Experiences from SATYA participants...

  • In a focused group body, we will apply the integrated principles of Tantric, Yogic and Ayurvedic science to understand and serve the purpose of Kundalini Shakti. This vibrational "serpent power"—at once our birthright and our "second coming"—is the self-renewable neuro-electrical force that attunes the human individual from within to embody and stabilize the totality of existence, consciousness and bliss beyond duality.

    Important Note:

    This course is for dedicated practitioners who are committed to a self-responsible practice of being physically, emotionally and mentally healthy before they arrive.

  • The tools of Tantra short-circuit our limiting patterns by liberating the body's thrust of captive bioelectrical energy to penetrate the somatic barriers of a programmed belief system. Having freed our basic, underlying nature to express innate consciousness, the re-organization and spiritualization of "personality" follows—not as a result of a forced set of rules—but as part of the natural order of things. Tantra is being with everything as it is.

    Hatha Yoga and Pranayama—practiced with commitment—purify, condition and ultimately unify our polarized bodily forces, leading to spontaneous bliss beyond the constraint of dualism, in such a way that Yoga may feel like the stabilized experience of "God pouring God into God".

    Ayurvedic practice is a conscious self-responsible optimization, a life process of re-attuning to natural laws, preserving the integrity of our whole living being as we cross the thresholds of night and day, growth and decay.

    Important Note:

    The topics covered will depend not on how many study hours we can plough through, but rather how much the group is able to digest and assimilate in the days and weeks we are practicing together. There is little formal curriculum for this course. Teachings will be delivered in the traditional way of oral transmission from teacher to student. Each student will naturally absorb and embody the knowledge for which s/he is ready.

  • uma

    —D.A.Sc., E-RYT 500, YACEP

    —Director of SA.T.Y.A.—Synergistic Alignment of Tantra, Yoga & Ayurveda

    —Director of Free The Quest—World-over Retreats into One Reality

    —Former Co-Founder/Director of Ayurveda at KUSH—Ayurvedic Center for Rejuvenation, Bali

    —Researcher of Kundalini Awakening

    Umā is sought out by discerning and intrepid practitioners for her decades of experience in the synergy of Kundalini Tantra Yoga and Ayurveda. African born—of Indian descent —Umā has walked a less common path far from family, schools and cities, a path that led her at 20 to her initiation and 14 year long training in naturally wild, secluded & accelerative conditions in Bali, her home base for almost 30 years. Unifying both her esoteric background and modern day credentials, Umā is a working broadcast for cosmic dynamics in a seemingly paradoxical world.

  • Integrating our Ayurvedic studies, we will schedule our learning and practice sessions around the times of day and evening that support our wellbeing and optimize our natural capacities. Below is a basic chronology of what our days will look like, subject to change at discretion of the course facilitators.

    • Dinacharya (morning self care regimen)
    • Sunrise sadhana
    • Breakfast
    • Satsang
    • Main meal and break
    • Satsang
    • Light dinner
    • Sunset sadhana

    Additional practices may or may not include days of silence, group excursions, ceremonies and guest teachersʼ programs.

  • Location, Accommodation & Meals

    Our residential svakul (one's own practice family) will be held at a secluded location. The cost of this course may include shared accommodations. Three meals per day will be included in the cost of the course. Meals will be vegetarian, organic when possible, simple, sattvic and digestible, based primarily on Ayurvedic principles.

  • S.A.T.Y.A, a registered Yoga Alliance school, will grant these course certificate options:

    • Eligibility for 200-hour credit to attain Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200-hour teacher training registration with Yoga Alliance
    • 200-hour certificate of accomplishment (for those not interested in or eligible for Yoga Alliance teacher training certification)
    • Eligibility for ongoing education credits with Yoga Alliance