• S.A.T.Y.A. was a combination of Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra. A unique blend. I would add to that list, out of this world Psychotherapy too. Uma understands shadow work or seeing and working intensely into our human darkness. Unlike most, if not all Western yoga teachers I have met in the 16 years I have been doing yoga, who I would classify mostly as “spiritual bypassers” (focused on reaching heightened states, and not willing go to their darkness or shadow aspects), Umaa combines both.

    This powerful mix can transport her students into alternate dimensions of reality. Hard to explain in words, or to anyone not present, but I have on numerous occasions time and space travelled with Umaa.

    Given these exceptional skills of Umaa, she has attracted a lot of different misfits from around the world (myself included) to join her and learn from her, each with their own powerful and sometimes tragic stories. She has taken them under her wing as a great mother would, and guided them, and challenged them and pushed them to their limits in order to help them grow and develop increased permanent states of consciousness – not just momentary heightened awareness. Caryn, Australia

  • Iʼm with a real Tantrika. She does whatever it takes. There is no box. Nothing to hold onto. I want to hold onto something—like a predictability of people treating each other a certain way. But there is none. There never has been. It is moment to moment to moment, and it is my practice to know that whatever is happening is an expression of absolute love from God. She can break me in any way.

    In all of the real Tantric books I have read, this is what itʼs about: true nature. Not some artificial code of behavior. A real living freedom. If I put others in a box it is only because I want to sustain my own small box—the source of my suffering and separation from God.

    Iʼve seen more love in her than maybe anyone Iʼve ever met. And everyone who is around her grows in authenticity. They become real. Something so rare on planet earth. When I am away from her things become painful, confused. Then I see her again, and I am awash in such love, such devotion, such remembrance of the truth. There is nothing and nowhere else to be. I can only be grateful for a teacher who can bring me to such truth.

    She says that in every moment you can choose the blessing or the curse. She says that I often choose the curse. And I do. I can see it in myself. Iʼve had such a charmed life in many ways, and Iʼve felt fucking horrible through most of it.

    Itʼs a fucking blessing to be here, because I am getting what I need. I am typing this for me. I need to remember, because I really wanted to leave yesterday. Run away screaming. I feel that you havenʼt found the person who can really take you to enlightenment if you havenʼt wanted to run away screaming, because false identity death is some scary shit. Leyla, USA

  • After 34 years with myself and nearly a year of learning from Uma, I went into SATYA solidly ʻknowingʼ who I was. Iʼve come out with the acceptance that Iʼve done a damn good job of deluding myself and most everyone in my life. But I canʼt pull the wool over Umaʼs eyes. She shows me how I have tenaciously, fastidiously, passive aggressively and unconsciously defended a sticky mass of false identifications of myself — of special roles Iʼve written myself into within my family, as a student, in peer groups, with men, throughout my career and most recently in my close working relationship with her.

    Thank God…I can finally "relax". Lisa, USA